Charter boat maintenance is a critical part of the operation and success of the charter business. As boats are constantly in motion and used by different customers, professional maintenance is required to maintain their safety, appearance and functionality.

Our charter boat maintenance services include:

  1. Scheduled Annual Service: We perform scheduled services at regular intervals to check and maintain the mechanical equipment, electrical system, engines and other critical parts of the boat.
  2. Cleaning and Protection: Our experts carry out internal and external cleaning of the boat, removing dirt, algae and other debris resulting from use and navigation. We apply protective materials to maintain the shine and protect the boat from the environment.
  3. Sailing Repair and Maintenance: We check the condition of the sails, the mast and the sailing system. We perform necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure smooth operation and safety of the sailboat.
  4. Safety Systems Check: We look at the boat's safety systems, such as fire extinguishers, life jackets, exterior lighting and escape detectors. We make sure they are functional and comply with safety regulations.

By trusting your business to annual maintenance by our expert team, you can be sure that your boats will remain in top condition and ready to cruise safely and comfortably for your customers.