Our specialized service offers reliable and efficient cleaning of your boat's bilges. Our skilled staff removes oil, dirt and other impurities We use cleaning products that are safe for mechanical parts and keep your boat functioning at its highest level.


Our experienced staff remove oil, dirt and other impurities that can affect your boat.


We leave your bilges clean and your boat functionally ready to offer you reliable sailing experiences.


Χρησιμοποιούμε καθαριστικά προϊόντα που είναι ασφαλή για τα μηχανικά μέρη.


Αφήνουμε τις σεντινες σας καθαρές και το σκαφος σας λειτουργικα έτοιμο να σας προσφέρει αξιόπιστες ναυτικές εμπειρίες.